English breakwoof: PG Tips has made a cup of tea for dogs

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PG Tips launches English Breakwoof tea (PG Tips)
PG Tips launches English Breakwoof tea (PG Tips)

One of the UK’s most popular tea brand wants you to enjoy a cuppa with your entire family, including man’s best friend, the dog.

Ahead of International Dog Day on 26 August, PG Tips has created an “English Breakwoof” tea that is suitable for dogs.

The limited-edition tea, made in collaboration with pets drinks company Woof & Brew, is different to your usual brew because it is strictly served cold.

Although it won’t go on sale until Thursday, the tea is already available for pre-order, costing £9.99 a box. Each pack contains 10 teabags for your dog, plus 40 teabags for your own cup.

The campaign, #CuppaWithYourPuppa, aims to raise money for the Support Dogs charity, with 100 per cent of profits being donated.

Unlike the milky, sugary brew that humans enjoy, the dog-friendly teabags are a blend of burdock, dandelion, flax, nettle, seaweed and roobios. They contain no caffeine or preservatives.

As the tea should not be served to dogs while hot, you may either prepare with hot water and leave to cool or save time by infusing with lukewarm water.

Support Dogs is a national charity that trains assistance dogs to help people with epilepsy and children with autism and physical disabilities.

Danny Anderson, a fund-raising manager at the charity told The Independent that the support of PG Tips following a difficult year is an “amazing” help.

“As with many small charities, the last 18 months have been horrible for fundraising. Our income dropped by 40 per cent.

“To have the support of other companies, especially one like PG Tips is amazing. Aside from the donations, it will help create awareness of organisations like ours which aren’t able to get their names out there as easily,” he said.

Charlotte Ridley, marketing manager at PG Tips, said: “English Breakwoof means that pups no longer need feel left out when their owners are relaxing with a cup of tea.”

“Our social media is often flooded with PG Tips fans sharing images of them enjoying a cuppa alongside their furry friends and, as a nation of dog-lovers, we knew we had to get the pooches in on the action too.”

You can pre-order the Breakwoof tea at Woof & Brew here.

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