England and Scotland retailers: share your thoughts on mandatory masks

Guardian community team
Photograph: Neil Hall/EPA

After mixed messages last week regarding the UK government’s stance on face masks, prime minister Boris Johnson is today set to announce the mandatory wearing of masks in shops in England.

The policy, which will be implemented on 24 July, will be enforced by police with fines of up to £100 for non-compliance, but shop workers will be expected to “encourage” people to wear masks.

We’d like to hear from retailers about how they feel about the policy of mandatory masks in shops. Do you think it will be effective? How will you encourage shoppers to wear masks, and will you contact the police if they don’t?

If you’re a retailer in Scotland, which has already made face masks mandatory in shops, we’d like to hear how it’s gone, and what advice you might have for English retailers on managing the wearing of masks.

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