Engineers Create Edible QR Code That Verifies Authenticity Of High-Quality Spirits And Pharmaceuticals

Engineers have invented an “edible QR code” designed to verify the authenticity of high-quality spirits and pharmaceuticals. Created by biomedical engineers from Purdue University and the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences in South Korea, the tag is scanned using a smartphone after being placed in a drink or medicine, confirming the liquid’s authenticity. The new anticounterfeiting technology could be a step toward not only finding a solution for the alcohol industry but also addressing fake medications. Kim Leem, a postdoctoral research associate, said: “Counterfeit items, such as medicines and alcohol, are big issues around the world.' "There are numerous examples of large amounts of fake medications sold throughout the world, which, in some instances, kill people.” The tags are edible, causing no issues if a person swallowed it while downing a shot of whiskey. They also do not affect the taste of the drink.

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