The ending of Partner Track on Netflix explained

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After what seems like the longest wait ever, Netflix's Partner Track is finally streaming, and it's currently in the 'top 10' of what to watch today. The show follows the main character Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho), a young and ambitious lawyer who is desperate to climb the corporate ladder of an elite New York City firm and achieve the promotion of her dreams. Of course, all while juggling "romance, friends, and family expectations." It's the perfect combination of legal drama and rom-com, and ideal for pairing with a face mask, glass of fizz, and comfy PJs.

But if you're anything like us, you've probably already binged the available ten eps and have been left with some serious questions about the ending. From why Ingrid didn't make partner to what's next for Rachel and Tyler, here's EYNTK about the finale of season one so you're all clued up for season two - if or whenever that may be.

Why didn't Ingrid make partner?

Episode 9 left us with some jaw-dropping twists, mainly because Ingrid did not make partner. Instead of choosing her, Marty Adler opted for Jeff Murphy, but what was even more shocking was why Ingrid was snubbed. At the end of the season, Marty revealed that he was aware Ingrid got arrested, and her neglecting to tell him was one of the main reasons why she wasn't selected.

It all turns out that (shock) Jeff betrayed Ingrid and told Marty, as he was the only other person who knew of the arrest. What's more upsetting is that Ingrid and Jeff finally hooked up and declared their love for each other. So the real question is, will they be able to take their relationship further, and will Ingrid be able to move past this and forgive him?

Will Ingrid return to Parsons Valentine & Hunt?

While there's no news of a second season just yet, if there is, it would be interesting to see how Ingrid deals with Jeff after the betrayal, and whether she returns to Parsons Valentine. After learning she didn't get the promotion she was after, she subsequently leaves the firm, and with her co-workers/BFFs Rachel and Tyler, secretly work together to pull off a shareholder block and remove Ted Lassiter from his position as CEO. Plus, as Z is appointed head of Sun Corp, he demands that Marty re-hires Ingrid at the same level as she was before - if he doesn't, he won't work with Parsons Valentine again.

So, this means she'll be working with Z and Jeff pretty closely, which begs the question - will there be a new love triangle that emerges between them?

What happened with Rachel and Tyler?

Ingrid's bestie Rachel is also left in a tricky situation at the end of season one. After breaking up with Justin, she realises that she's not ready for a serious relationship with him, and can't commit 100%. Relationship drama aside, she does learn that she's got a talent for writing as she signs up for a playwriting course and decides to pursue this new passion.

When it comes to Tyler, he's also ended his relationship with his boyfriend. To get over this, he spends the night with a cute guy he met at the gym, but of course, it's not that simple. Turns out, Tyler's hook-up is his new boss.

Oh, the drama! We're gonna circle back and watch the season again to make sure all the dots finally connect. We're also going to cross all of our fingers and toes for an imminent announcement of season two, as we'd love to see where Ingrid ends up in her high-powered girl boss career.

Partner Track is now streaming on Netflix.

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