The ending of Netflix's Warrior Nun season 2 explained

netflix's warrior nun season 2 ending explained
The ending of Warrior Nun season 2 explainedMARIA HERAS - Netflix

*Contains spoilers for Warrior Nun season two*

Netflix's Warrior Nun is back for a second season, two years after the original series first came out. The eight-part series is inspired by the manga style comic by Ben Dunn of the same name and sees 19-year-old Ava wake up in a morgue, only to discover she now possesses superpowers and will become the chosen halo-bearer for a sect of demon hunting nuns.

The second season dropped on Netflix on 10th November and sees the return of Alba Baptista as Ava. Despite only dropping a few days ago, fans of the show have already raced to the end of season two.

netflix's warrior nun season 2 ending explained

So what exactly happened in the final episode of Warrior Nun? This is everything you need to know about the ending of season two.

What happened at the end of Warrior Nun season two?

The finale episode of season two of Warrior Nun opens up with Ava having used the crown of thorns to step into Adriel's realm, and waking up to reveal she knows what to do to defeat him.

Adriel's plan is to enslave all of Earth and bring his demons from his realm via the arc.

Along with The Order, Ava comes up with a plan to defeat Adriel. Accompanied by Father Vincent the sisters enter Adriel's cathedral and begin attacking his guards. Ava shares a goodbye kiss with Beatrice and then joins Michael, after lying to the others about the location of the arc in order to save them and sacrifice herself.

netflix's warrior nun season 2 ending explained

Ava and Michael come face to face with Adriel, only for Michael to be instantly killed by Lilith. Ava reveals to Adriel she knows he stole the halo as fighting ensues between the sisters and Adriel's followers.

Beatrice attempts to find Ava and fights off a whole group of guards single-handley in the mean time.

Reya is revealed to be trapped in Adriel's chamber and Adriel and Ava go head to head in an intense battle. In order to win the battle Ava sets off the bomb inside Michael.

However, though appearing injured, Adriel reveals he cannot be killed in the realm at the same time as the nuns set off a bomb in the cathedral.

netflix's warrior nun season 2 ending explained

Using her powers, Ava summons the tarasks into the realm and they destroy Adriel. Before they can do any further damage to anyone else, Reya summons the tarasks and they follow her into the arc into the other realm.

As Ava is quickly dying Lilith reveals there is one way to save her which is to enter the arc into the other realm. Ava and Beatrice share a tearful goodbye before she enters the arc.

After Ava departs, Lilith reveals to Beatrice a holy war is coming. A holy war? Sounds like a potential season three to me!

What happened in the post-credits scene?

Did you catch this moment? If not, you need to open your Netflix right now and watch this scene. Just as we all thought the series was wrapping up and the credits began rolling, a surprise post credits scene has given us serious food for thought.

In the scene, which appears at the 47 minute mark, we see Beatrice telling Mother Superion she is leaving the Order. As they are all watching her leave, the divinium sword begins to glow.

Um, does this mean Ava has healed in the other world? We need answers and we need them now.

Warrior Nun season two is available on Netflix now.

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