This is the ending of Netflix's Triptych explained

triptych ending explained
The ending of Netflix's Triptych explainedNetflix

Contains spoilers

Netflix's newest mystery thriller series Triptych has got us well and truly hooked. The eight-part Mexican series tells the story of a forensic agent who discovers she has not one, but two twin sisters - seriously spooky.

The series is loosely believed to be inspired by the story of Eddy Galland, David Kellman and Bobby Shafran aka the triplets from documentary film Three Identical Strangers, who discovered in adulthood they were siblings after years of living apart.

Triptych takes a more darker and fictional approach to the story, and after forensic agent Rebecca (Maite Perroni) discovers a woman dead at a crime scene, who looks exactly like her and shares her birthday, she digs deeper into the woman's past and discovers not everything is as it appears.

triptych ending explained

So how does Triptych on Netflix conclude? This is the full ending of the series explained.

What happens at the end of Triptych?

After being called to a crime scene forensic agent Rebecca, discovers the dead body at the scene belongs to a CEO named Aleida. The shocking thing about Aleida? She looks exactly like Rebecca, and they share a birthday.

Unable to get the resemblance out of her head, Rebecca goes on a mission to uncover the truth of Aleida's past. This leads her to meeting Tamara, a stripper, who also shares the resemblance.

So were they triplets seperated at birth? Or do they just look freakishly similar?

triptych ending explained

By the end of Triptych we discover that years earlier a doctor was experimenting on twins and triplets, before his experiments were revealed by the press, forcing him to stop. However, his assistant Batiz (Nuria Bages) continued his experiments without his knowledge.

Batiz seperated a set of triplets and placed them up for adoption with different socio-economic families, in order to test the theory of nature versus nurture.

Aleida was adopted by the doctor Bernardo who hired Batiz originally, Rebecca was adopted by a middle class couple who couldn't have kids of their own and Tamara was looked after by a single working class mother.

However, Batiz didn't stop her interventions there. She went onto kill Bernardo, Rebecca's father and Tamara's mother, so that all three women would experience a similar trauma.

Not only that but she also served as Aleida's therapist, ensuring her closeness to one of the participants. She employed various people to interact with the triplets' lives including Humberto (David Chocarro) who Rebecca repeatedly has sex with.

triptych ending explained

In the final episode Rebecca and Tamara infiltrate Batiz's underground bunker where it is revealed Aleida never actually died in the first place.

Batiz swapped her body with a Jane Doe's for the funeral and had kept Aleida in the bunker ever since. The biggest revelation Batiz goes onto make? She is the triplet's biological mother. Talk about a plot twist!

The episode ends with Tamara and Rebecca confronting Batiz, threatening to kill her. However, Batiz then pulls out her own gun, threatening to kill Aleida. The three women manage to escape and Aleida is reunited with her husband.

As the show draws to a close we get a brief glimpse as the the fate of Batiz, the three sisters have left in her own basement, with no way to escape.

Triptych is available on Netflix now

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