This is the ending of Netflix's Outer Banks explained

Contains major Outer Banks season three spoilers

Outer Banks season three finally dropped on Netflix last week (23rd February) and we're not ashamed to admit we've binge watched our entire way through the season. In season three the Pogues are deserted on an island as they continue their search for John B's father and El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Things don't quite go to plan however, and, as now feels pretty ordinary for the Outer Banks crew, there were car chases, kidnappings and the occasional shoot out to contend with.

After 10 very tense episodes we really weren't ready for the series to end, but if a season has to end we want it to be like episode 10 of Outer Banks season three. If you're still a little confused about what went down in the extra long series finale, then this is the ending of Outer Banks season three explained.

outer banks season 3 ending explained

What happened in the final episode of Outer Banks season three?

The final episode of Outer Banks season three opens up with Ward flying the group to South America on a private jet. Sarah tells Ward to leave them after they land.

John B and Sarah begin their hunt to find John B's father Big John, who has been kidnapped by Carlos Singh.

After rescuing Big John, he tells his son he knows where the treasure is and the three of them rush to a boat in order to find the treasure. However, it appears Ward hasn't actually left and has paid for the boat. The four of them pile into the boat and begin their journey to El Dorado.

outer banks season 3 ending explained

The continue their journey with just a few arguments between the two dads, before they are intercepted by Singh, who shoots Big John and threatens to kill them all.

John B and Sarah continue the mission and eventually arrive at El Dorado, where they find the bag of gold. As they try and escape, they run into Singh who looks like he is very much going to kill them. However, before he can do so, Big John lets off a bomb (because he just happened to have one on him?), which destroys the Ancient City and of course, Singh.

Elsewhere the rest of the Pogues hear the explosion and hurry towards John B, Sarah, Big John and Ward. The four of them have survived the explosion and attempt to make their way down the mountain, with John B and Sarah showing Big John the gold and proving to him he was right about the location.

Just as they appear to be having a happy family moment, Ward turns on the group and points the gun at Big John. The rest of the group watches on from the shadows and attack Ward.

outer banks season 3 ending explained

As Sarah appears to talk Ward out of killing them, one of Singh's henchmen shows up, threatening to kill Sarah. Ward jumps in front of Sarah, saving her life, and takes down the henchman killing them both instantly as they fall off the edge of a cliff.

Sadly the dramatic moments don't end there and Big John starts to lose a lot of blood and whilst the group try to get him to safety, he dies on the boat.

The episode ends with an 18 month time jump, with the group being celebrated by the island for finding the gold and solving the mystery.

As the finale draws to a close an older man approaches the group, introducing himself and asking for their help with the log of a ship belonging to Edward Teach aka Blackbeard. The mystery man says: "I would investigate it myself, but I’m too long in the tooth. I need partners, and you all were first on my list.”

Um, sounds like the plot of season four to us!

Outer Banks season three is available on Netflix now

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