This the ending of Netflix's AKA explained

netflix aka 2023 movie ending explained
The ending of Netflix’s AKA explainedNetflix

Netflix just dropped a new action movie, AKA, and it’s got everyone taking. The French film follows special agent Adam Franco, played by Alban Lenoir, who is assigned with infiltrating a criminal gang and killing a warlord.

But, of course, things don’t go so smoothly with tonnes of fights, action and betrayals in this thriller. The ending, in particular, left our jaws on the floor so in case you were just as taken aback as us, here is the end of Netflix’s AKA explained.

What is Netflix’s AKA about?

A busy hotel in France is blown up by a criminal group led by warlord Moktar Al Tayeb, so agent Adam Franco is tasked with infiltrating the gang of Victor Pastore, who is a longtime friend of Moktar, to find the man responsible.

With the help of colleagues Cisko and Mona, Adam has to gain the trust of Victor and his henchmen while trying to take Moktar down once and for all.

netflix aka 2023 movie ending explained

What happens at the end of AKA?

Adam tracks down Moktar and his cousin, Assan, but soon finds out he isn’t a terrorist after all but was brought from his home in Sudan to France to discuss politics, but in reality, it was to kill him. As Moktar took a stand against France’s intentions to exploit Sudan’s resources, French authorities want him dead and the explosion was not planned by him, but was an attempt to kill him.

His wife, Imane, was killed and his daughter was shot and undergoing treatment at the facility that Adam tracked them to. But, it was too late for Moktar as the centre is stormed by French authorities and he is shot.

Before he died, though, he said he wanted to protect his daughter which Adam did by escaping the facility in an ambulance with Assan after a shootout with the remaining officers. Then, Assan takes Moktar’s daughter so they can be together as a family.

Victor and Natalya both die and their daughter, Helene, is arrested and their son, Jonathon, is taken to child’s services by Adam.

Adam reunites Jonathon with his Helene after she’s released from prison, and he also kills another French agent to ensure Helene and Jonathan’s safety. The movie ends with Adam deciding to go against the authorities as he questioned their morality.

netflix aka 2023 movie ending explained

AKA is streaming on Netflix now.

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