The ending of HBO's The Last of Us explained

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The Last of Us ending, explained HBO

Contains spoilers

After eight emotional, dramatic and infected filled episodes The Last Of Us season finale has finally aired, and we'll be honest, we're not ready for this incredible series to end.

The finale episode 'Look For The Light' which is the shortest of the season, saw Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) arrive at their final destination, but did they complete the mission they set out for?

In case you were sobbing the series was over and so missed parts of the episode, or are still confused over certain plot points, then this is the full ending of The Last of Us explained.

What happened in the final episode of The Last of Us?

The final episode of The Last of Us opened up with a heavily pregnant woman, who we soon learn is Ellie's mum, Anna (Ashley Johnson), racing through the forest in search of shelter. She finds an abandoned house, and whilst she appears safe for a moment, she is soon attacked by an infected, but manages to kill them with a knife.

Anna then gives birth to a baby girl, but quickly realises she herself had been bitten by the infected during the attack. She cuts Ellie's umbilical cord with the knife, without cleaning it first.

the last of us ending explained

Marlene (Merle Dandridge) shows up with a few other Fireflies, implying that Ellie's mum was also a Firefly. Anna makes Marlene swear to look after Ellie, lying to her that she cut Ellie's umbilical cord before she was bitten by the infected. She begs Marlene who is initially reluctant, but Anna reminds her they have known each other their whole lives. Marlene eventually accepts and Anna gives her the knife for Ellie. Anna also asks Marlene to kill her, which she does after taking Ellie.

The show then skips forward to the present day where it's spring and Ellie and Joel have reached the outskirts of Salt Lake City. They travel into the city where they climb into an abandoned building where they come out on the other side to a number of giraffes.

Whilst watching the giraffes Joel offers Ellie an "out" of their mission, saying they can easily turn around and go back to Tommy, which Ellie rejects and says they need to finish what they started.

They travel further into the city and find abandoned medical tents where Joel reveals to Ellie he tried to commit suicide shortly after Sarah (Nico Parker) died at the beginning of the pandemic.

the last of us ending explained

As Ellie shares a number of her puns, in the background a man throws an explosive device, which knocks Ellie and Joel out.

Joel wakes up in the hospital to find Marlene, who tells him they are prepping Ellie for surgery.

She explains that the doctor believes Ellie has had the cordyceps growing inside her since birth, which has provided a chemical messenger, which makes the normal cordyceps think Ellie is already cordyceps and therefore doesn't react when she's bitten, leaving her immune.

Marlene explains the doctor is planning to remove the cordyceps from Ellie, to replicate the cells and find a cure, the only problem is the cordyceps is growing in Ellie's brain, meaning the surgery will kill her.

Joel tries to protest against it, but is marched out of the building where he then attacks the Fireflies, killing everyone in his way until he gets to the surgery room. There, he tells the doctor to stop operations, which he refuses and Joel kills him. The two nurses unplug Ellie and Joel picks her up and takes her to the garage.

the last of us ending explained

In the garage they run into Marlene, but Joel kills her so that they can't be followed anymore.

Ellie wakes up whilst on the car journey and Joel lies, telling her, there were other people who were immune but they discovered there was no cure. He then tells her there were raiders who attacked the hospital, killing everyone but he managed to get her out.

They drive back to Tommy's village, but their car breaks down and so they walk the rest of the way. Ellie tells Joel she killed Riley, after she lost her mind from getting bitten by the infected.

They look down onto the village from on top of a hill. Before heading in, Ellie asks Joel to swear he's telling the truth. To which he says: "I swear," and she answers: "Ok."

Ok, we're officially sobbing.

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