The Empress season 2 is happening! All the details on release date, cast and more

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the empress true story
The Empress season 2 is happening! All the detailsNetflix

We can't get enough of period romance dramas right now, from Bridgerton to upcoming Lady Chatterley's Lover, and there's a brand new show filling the Lady Whistledown-shaped hole in our hearts. Yep, we're talking about The Empress, Netflix's romance series set in the world of Austrian royalty.

Season one dropped on Netflix in September to a huge fan response, and viewers are already looking ahead to a season two. And it's good news, as The Empress season two has officially been confirmed!

To recap, S1 focused on rebellious Elisabeth who finds herself unexpectedly falling for Emperor Franz and entering the intense world of the Viennese court. The first series ended with some big questions, and we'll be patiently waiting for answers.

Here's everything we know about The Empress season two so far...

the empress true story

When was The Empress season 2 confirmed?

That lovely lot at Netflix announced The Empress S2 on 8 November, writing on Twitter: "The Empress has been renewed for Season 2!" Straight to the point and we like it.

The Empress initially jumped straight into the No.2 spot in Netflix's UK Top 10 soon after its release. So, no doubt fans will be *thrilled* over the news.

Who will star in The Empress season 2?

We'll have to wait for more info before getting a full cast list - but we'd of course expect our season one leads to return. So, that's Devrim Lingnau as Elisabeth von Wittelsbach and Phillip Froissant as Emperor Franz Joseph.

Elsewhere, there's Melika Foroutan as Sophia, Elisa Schlott as Helene, Johannes Nussbaum as Archduke Maximilian. Plus, we're hoping to see some new cast members joining the show too!

What will happen in The Empress season 2?

There were some big developments towards the end of season one, with Elisabeth planning to head home to Bavaria after a tense conversation with Franz and Archduchess Sophia. However, just before she's about to leave, she finds out she's pregnant.

the empress true story

We then see Elisabeth's exist blocked by a protesting crowd, with Elisabeth addressing the people and telling them she's expecting a child. That leaves tonnes of questions for season two: Will Elisabeth and Franz reconcile, and will she stay in Vienna? We can't wait to find out.

Is there a release date for The Empress season 2?

While season two has now been announced, we sadly don't have any release date confirmation just yet. Series one arrived at the end of September 2022, so we'd expect to see season two dropping in late 2023 at the earliest. Still, for now, we'll be keeping our period drama watchlist fully stocked up.

The Empress season one is streaming now on Netflix.

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