The emotional moment Kate Garraway met a nurse who treated Derek Draper for the first time

Kate Garraway had never met any of the staff who treated her husband for COVID in person before.

Video transcript

KATE GARRAWAY: You cared for Michael. And Derek, I think, you now found out, was two beds away. Did you care for him?

- I would have done, yeah.

- Wow, Oh, Gosh.


- Gosh.

KATE GARRAWAY: That is amazing, thank you so much, by the way.

- We tried, we did everything that we could.

KATE GARRAWAY: Thank you so much.

- We put our all into it.

KATE GARRAWAY: Thank you so much, that is amazing. Gosh, I feel quite-- I don't know whether I could leap up and hug you, but I'm going to. Are we allowed to?

- Yeah, I think so.

KATE GARRAWAY: Are we allowed to hug now, aren't we?

- I think so.

- You might as well.

KATE GARRAWAY: Thank you so much. Thank you, that's amazing.

- That's OK.


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