Emmy Rossum reveals her one-year-old daughter got her first Covid-19 vaccine

Emmy Rossum reveals her one-year-old daughter got her first Covid-19 vaccine

Emmy Rossum revealed that her one-year-old daughter has received her first Covid-19 vaccine shot, after the child was born with antibodies.

The 35-year-old actor shared the news on Instagram on Wednesday by posting a photo of her child in a doctor’s office, with her head turned away from the camera and a band aid on her arm.

“An exciting day we’ve waited a long time for! Our daughter got her first covid vaccine!,” she wrote in the caption.

In Rossum’s Instagram comments, fans showed support for Rossum and the child.

“As a mother, I commend you and support you for this decision,” one wrote, while another said: “A good decision!”

A third user added: “My kids had zero issues with their COVID vaccinations in December. They are five and 10…Good job mama.”

The Angelyne star’s post comes after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently recommended Covid-19 vaccines for children between six months and five-years-old. According to the CDC, the children can receive either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna vaccines.

Rossum gave birth in May 2021 and has continued to keep the toddler’s personal life under wraps. She has yet to share a photo on Instagram of her daughter’s face.

The Shameless star has previously addressed the Covid-19 vaccine and how she had decided to get it. In an Instagram post shared in July 2021, she highlighted how important it was for her to get vaccinated and how her child received antibodies because of it.

“When I was pregnant I got vaccinated,” she wrote in the caption. “Not only did we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl but we also just learned our daughter now has antibodies. In short, stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine.