Emmy Rossum encourages vaccination as she shares first photo of newborn daughter

Emmy Rossum shared the first photo of her newborn daughter on Sunday as she encouraged everyone to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Shameless star took to Instagram to share her experience of being vaccinated while pregnant and noted that her daughter has Covid-19 antibodies.

"When I was pregnant I got vaccinated. Not only did we have a healthy, beautiful baby girl but we also just learned our daughter now has antibodies. In short, stop being an irresponsible idiot and get the vaccine," the actress captioned the post, which showed her kissing the back of her daughter's head. The newborn's face cannot be seen.

Her husband, American film producer Sam Esmail, took to Twitter to echo her sentiments.

Emmy responded to a Twitter user who asked about how they were able to test for antibodies, replying, "A simple heel blood draw at the doctor."

The pair welcomed their baby girl back in May after largely keeping the pregnancy away from the spotlight.

The photo comes at an important time in the U.S., as the Delta variant brings a new wave of Covid-19 cases in Los Angeles, where the couple lives.