Emmerdale's Victoria Sugden faces huge backlash over Jacob hospitalisation

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Victoria Sugden has faced a huge backlash from Leyla Harding over Jacob's hospitalisation in Emmerdale.

Monday's (September 18) shocking episode saw Jacob fighting for his life in hospital after an unfortunate incident with Victoria at Hide's big client presentation.

The episode started off with Jacob doubting David's ability to win back Victoria following their recent break-up, encouraging his father to "slow down" and not get ahead of himself.

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Over at the restaurant, Leyla assured a sceptical Suzy that everything would go smoothly at the client presentation, since Victoria and new chef Suni had the menu well in hand.

Victoria turned up shortly after Suzy and Leyla went back to their office, revealing to Suni that she was hungover after two many Long Island Ice Teas the previous night.

The day got even more complicated when Gabby showed up with clients who weren't originally on the invite list, forcing Victoria and Suni to scramble for more food.

Jacob stopped by to check on Victoria, but was discouraged when she off-handedly mentioned how happy she was to be "mates" with David again after all they've been through.

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He went to help himself to some of the sliders, but asked first if any of the food had nuts in it because of his allergy. Victoria thought for a second, before insisting no nuts were used.

Unfortunately, she was wrong and Jacob had a severe allergic reaction, which was worsened when his autoinjector was blocked and unable to discharged properly.

Jacob's friends and family scrambled to get him to the hospital before it was too late. When Victoria turned up to check on Jacob at the hospital, Leyla tore a strip off her once she found out about the mistake.

"Have you got any idea what you've put us through?" a furious Leyla asked. "You nearly killed him… I cannot deal with you right now. Get out of my sight!"

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Jacob remains in critical condition due to fluid on his lungs. Will doctors be able to save him?

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