Emmerdale's Ruby Milligan's downfall 'sealed' after fans 'work out' who'll expose her

Ruby Milligan
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Emmerdale enthusiasts are convinced that Ruby Milligan's days are numbered, as they suspect she's being watched after her recent shady antics. The character has been stirring up drama in the village by concocting a devious scheme with Rose Jackson to take down Kim Tate. But there's more - she's also concealing a deadly secret following Ethan Anderson's untimely death.

Ruby, ridden with guilt over Ethan's sudden passing, is haunted by the hit and run incident from days ago. In a vengeful act for Ethan abandoning her son Nicky Milligan, Ruby intentionally ran him over. Now, Ruby is battling with the weight of her actions, and there's talk among the villagers that the hit and run may have led to Ethan's demise. As she scrambles to hide her crime, viewers are pointing out her blunders that could lead to her exposure.

Ruby Milligan
Ruby realised Ethan was responsible for the crash when he was arrested -Credit:ITV

She's bordering on obsessively pestering Ethan's grieving family and even confessed to her son Nicky, raising the risk of her secret coming to light. A vengeful Ruby admitted to her son: "I only wanted to shake him up." Her husband Caleb added: "Because she thought she was going to lose, you. You have no idea what that's like." However, Nicky was disgusted and replied: "You ran him over for God's sake and now he's dead."

Some eagle-eyed fans reckon someone connected to Ethan is already piecing things together, spelling potential doom for Ruby, reports the Mirror. Social media is abuzz with speculation, with some suggesting her erratic behaviour might tip off Charles to the possibility that Nicky's mum caused Ethan's fatal accident. Should this be confirmed as his cause of death, they believe Charles will not only uncover the truth but might seek vengeance himself.

Another popular fan theory is that Kim will discover Ruby's plot against her with Rose's help, prompting Kim to retaliate. One viewer speculated after the latest episode: "Charles could kill Ruby if he knew the truth."

One keen fan shared: "I wouldn't want to be in Ruby's shoes if Charles finds out that she's responsible for Ethan's death." Another added: "Charles HAS to be onto Ruby, surely? ", with a fellow viewer nodding in agreement: "Charles is onto you ruby."

Later, another viewer commented, "I wouldn't like to be Ruby right now. Murder charge on the horizon, Rose breathing down my neck, and the inevitable Kim Tate revenge." The anticipation continues as viewers are left excited to find out if Ruby does fess up or gets exposed.