Emmerdale's Rose's link to Ruby Milligan 'exposed' in DNA twist

Emmerdale's Rose and Will
-Credit: (Image: ITV/Mark Bruce)

Emmerdale viewers were left on the edge of their seats as Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) and Rose Jackson's (Christine Tremarco) secret alliance was unveiled in Monday's dramatic episode.

The plot thickened when it was revealed that Ruby had been financially supporting Rose to orchestrate Kim Tate's (Claire King) downfall, but questions arose about the true nature of their 'friendship'. In a clandestine meeting away from prying eyes at the pub, Ruby confessed: "I paid a small fortune to get those debt collectors off your back," to which a thankful Rose responded: "I know and I'm very grateful."

Ruby didn't mince her words as she cautioned Rose: "I'm not made of money. If you renege on that bill, I lose a lot of money. So where are you gonna get the money from?”

Emmerdale's Ruby and Rose
Emmerdale fans rumble real link between Ruby and Rose as DNA connection 'exposed' -Credit:ITV

Rose, undeterred by Ruby's intimidation, retorted: "You don't scare me. It's not as easy as I thought it would be. I'm not like you. I don't want to hurt people - my family. Since I realised that if I break Kim and Will up, I end up hurting Dawn."

Their scheme against Kim was evident as Ruby laid out the plan: "If you go through with the plan, you'll still get Dawn in your life. Sure she'll be a bit upset that Kim and Will have split but you'll be the one who will be mopping up her tears."

Concerned about her sick child, Rose expressed: "Evan is still poorly. Can't we wait til he's better and things are more settled?" But Ruby, focused on the endgame, replied: "You get your family back and a debt free life - and I get to ruin Kim and make my family happy. It's win-win."

Could there be more to the friendship between two characters - might they be related? The soap has hinted at a possible DNA surprise that could reveal the pair as sisters.

Christine Tremarco playing Rose in Emmerdale
No one has been pleased to see Rose in the village so far -Credit:ITV

When Rose first strutted into the village, it was clear she had a connection with Will. The plot thickened when it turned out she's Dawn's mum.

Christine Tremarco, who brings Rose to life, shared her excitement: "I am thrilled to be joining Emmerdale! To be working with such a wonderful cast and crew along with the brilliant writing and production team is an absolute joy! Rose is so much fun to play. She is free spirited, boisterous and totally mischievous with a steely edge and a big heart."

Will visits Rose in Emmerdale
Will first realised Rose was about when he ran into her at the hospital -Credit:ITV/Mark Bruce/REX/Shutterstock

Adding to the intrigue, producer Laura Shaw said: "We are massively delighted to welcome Christine Tremarco to the Emmerdale Family. Christine brings a wealth of experience and talent and playing the character of Rose, a true free spirit with an exuberant outlook on life, she certainly promises to cause a real storm for some of our villagers."