Emmerdale's Rose and Ruby's 'real target' exposed in cryptic scene – and it's not Kim Tate

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Emmerdale's latest plot twist had fans on the edge of their seats as Rose Jackson and Ruby Milligan have set their sights on a new target, and it's not just Kim Tate who should be worried.

The duo revealed they're after someone else, seemingly the main person in their scheme. The details of their plan are still under wraps, but we know that Ruby and Rose have a connection outside the village and have joined forces.

Ruby wiped out Rose's debts in return for her help in targeting Kim, their mutual enemy.

Ruby's hubby Caleb Milligan had also plotted against Kim in the past, after discovering he was the secret son of Frank Tate, Kim's ex. Kim left Frank to die following a heart attack, leading Caleb to blame her for his father's death.

Emmerdale scenes have teased who Rose Jackson and Ruby Miligan are targeting
Emmerdale's Rose Jackson and Ruby Milligan's real target is 'revealed' -Credit:ITV

Caleb felt that Home Farm and all of Kim's possessions should rightfully be his, given she took some of Frank's assets. While Caleb has since abandoned this plan, it appears Ruby is picking up where he left off, with Rose's assistance.

Rose has cunningly positioned herself at Home Farm as Dawn Taylor's mum, who happens to be Kim's stepdaughter. Kim, married to Rose's ex Will Taylor (Dawn's dad), is none too pleased about Rose's presence and is determined to kick her out.

Rose and Dawn have been estranged for years after Rose abandoned Dawn and Will. Now, Rose seems eager to reconnect with her daughter, but is it all a ruse?

On Tuesday's episode, it became clear that Will is the one in Rose's sights, not Kim. This twist comes as Ruby has her own designs on Kim and needs Rose to distract Will.

The details of Ruby's scheme remain under wraps.

What we do know is that Ruby has wiped clean Rose's debts to gain her cooperation, tasking her with infiltrating Home Farm to create chaos for Will and Kim. Ruby hinted that if Rose can drive a wedge between the pair, she'll have fulfilled her end of the bargain.

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Ruby Milligan and Rose Jackson were discussing a hiccup in their mystery plan -Credit:ITV

Yet, the extent of their agreement and the lengths they will go to are still unknown. In a recent turn, Ruby coldly blackmailed Rose, threatening to spill her secrets to Dawn unless she sticks to the plan and gets close to Will.

Ruby's command was clear: "It's Will you need to be focusing on," urging Rose to back off from Kim and avoid conflict.