Emmerdale's Mackenzie faces another big rejection from Charity

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd faced another big rejection from Charity Dingle tonight (May 16) after she dumped him last week upon discovering that her new husband has been lying for months about secretly fathering a child with the couple's former boarder Chloe Harris.

To make matters worse, Charity also found out that she was one of the last people to know about Mack's deception.

Since being dumped by Charity, Mack has been staying with Moira and Cain, though he's fast outstaying his welcome in Cain's eyes. Cain has little sympathy for Mack, given that he lied to Charity, while Moira is a lot more forgiving of her brother.

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Mack later left the house and was sitting outside the Woolpack when he was seen by Charity's son Noah, who told him to "just do one" and leave.

But after Noah went, Mack saw Chloe and baby Reuben and apologised for the fallout from Charity finding out their secret. He then decided to go on a walk with Chloe and Reuben despite worrying someone may see them.

The pair eventually walked to the park where they had a heart to heart, with Mack admitting that he wished he'd handled things differently but he'd never regret being Reuben's dad.

Mack then said that he and Charity were over after she handed him her wedding ring back, but Chloe told him that he had to fight for his wife because what they had doesn't just disappear.

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Later, Mack came into the Woolpack to see Charity but was met by both Cain and Chas who told him to leave. Faced with a wall of Dingles, Mack said all he wanted was five minutes to explain himself to his wife but he was again told no.

With the family standing firm against him, Mack told them: "It's not like you've ever put a foot wrong, you're all a bunch of hypocrites."

Charity then appeared and Mack wasted no time in telling her he loved her but Charity said that, while she believes him, it didn't matter.

"It doesn't mean I want anything to do with you ever again," she told him. "Go back to playing daddy and stay out of my life."

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Earlier this month, Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy Dingle, teased that Mack will also face backlash from her.

"Mandy's a Dingle, so obviously she's going to take Charity's side," she said. "Also, in terms of Mandy's relationship with Mack, he did her over with the money, and he set up Vinny with the gambling – so it's a case of third strike and you're out.

"Whenever me and [Mackenzie actor] Lawrence [Robb] work together, we have a ball," she added. "It's good for characters like that – they love having scenes with Mandy because they know it's going to be a fun day."

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