Emmerdale's Dawn is drawn back into Alex storyline

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Dawn Fletcher makes a risky move tonight (March 24) as she once again tries to warn Naomi Walters that Alex Moore can't be trusted.

Dawn was shocked when Naomi started dating her villainous ex-boyfriend a few weeks ago, but she has largely tried to stay out of the situation to avoid any repercussions from Alex.

In recent weeks, Alex has managed to grow closer to Naomi and win over her family, who were initially disapproving. However, viewers know that Alex is only using Naomi as part of his masterplan to steal drugs from the local GP surgery.

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Friday's episode sees Dawn grow uneasy when she realises how much Naomi is falling for Alex.

When they cross paths at the pub, Dawn tries to put Naomi in the picture over what Alex is really like, but this leads to an argument.

Karene Peter, who plays Naomi, revealed: "Naomi knows that Alex has a past. But she also doesn't give Dawn much credit, because Dawn had that past with Alex. Naomi thinks that it's the pot calling the kettle black.

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"Naomi is looking at Dawn and thinking: 'If she's reformed herself and she's started her life again, why can't Alex do the same?'

"Dawn is also Alex's ex, so she could be bitter and Naomi is seeing her as that."

Sadly, Naomi could be in for a shock as Alex's true nature will finally be exposed in dramatic scenes next week.

Show bosses have confirmed that Alex will be knocked over in a mysterious hit and run after his true intentions are revealed to all.

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