Emmerdale's Charles Anderson star addresses future on soap after 'break'

Emmerdale's Charles Anderson, played by Kevin Mathurin, was put on the spot during Monday 27 May episode of Lorraine, after he accidentally revealed a filming detail.

Kevin, who has been portraying the village vicar since 2020, joined guest host Ranvir Singh on Lorraine to discuss an upcoming emotional storyline for the Anderson family.

This week, Emmerdale is set to shock viewers with some terrifying scenes, as a character could potentially meet their end in a tragic twist. Charles' son Ethan Anderson (Emile John) suddenly collapses and is left battling for his life following being injured during a hit and run.

Manpreet tries to revive Ethan on the kitchen floor
Manpreet attempts to save Ethan as he lies unconscious on the floor -Credit:ITV

Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) desperately tries to revive her unconscious stepson at home, while his father Charles fears the worst.

Just days after being intentionally injured in a hit and run, following a car accident the previous week, Ethan collapses - but the cause of his collapse remains unconfirmed.

Spoilers suggest that Ethan's life hangs in the balance, with his family doing everything they can to save him - but will he survive?

Ethan unconscious in Emmerdale
Ethan collapses days after a hit and run -Credit:ITV

Discussing the storyline on Monday's Lorraine, Kevin kept tight-lipped about any spoilers and hinted at an emotional storyline. However, prior to the interview, the actor had inadvertently revealed a filming detail which host Ranvir questioned him about live on air.

Ranvir shared: "Now, Kevin, when you came into the studio earlier, let me tell you at home. I asked: 'Are you busy this week?' and you replied: 'No, not until Thursday!' I then asked: 'Well why have you got loads of time off from filming, what does that mean for your character?'"

Kevin, grinning, assured: "No, it's nothing to do with the character!” But Ranvir wasn't easily deterred, insisting: "You say that..." and Kevin retorted: "You're trying to rope me into revealing some stuff, I'm not saying a thing!”

Emmerdale aired scenes of a car accident that left Nicky injured
Ethan left Nicky for dead after crashing their car -Credit:ITV/Mark Bruce

Unfazed, Ranvir continued her line of questioning: "Now, listen, scenes we're seeing now on TV are filmed eight weeks ago?" to which Kevin explained: "We always film between six to eight weeks ahead."

Ranvir then teased: "So, if you've got a quiet period of filming now, does that mean in the next eight weeks something happens to Charles' character, which means that you disappear?"

However, Kevin was quick to assert: "No, not at all! I'm just an actor having a bit of time off! That is right and all you're getting from me."