Emmerdale star Jessie Elland shares more on Chloe's baby drama

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Jessie Elland has previewed a rough few weeks ahead for her character Chloe Harris and Mackenzie Boyd.

Chloe and Mack will decide to get engaged next week when Chloe mistakenly suspects she may be pregnant again only a few months after the birth of their son Reuben Harris.

Their relationship remains on unstable ground because Mackenzie may still have lingering feelings for former flame Charity Dingle.

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Ahead of these scenes, Jessie Elland — who has backed her character dumping Mack — has chatted about Chloe's growing fears about the relationship.

"As much as she loves Mackenzie and the little family she has with him Chloe is very insecure about his feelings for her," the actress explained.

"Because of her history with losing people and people leaving her Chloe can't shake the feeling that her relationship with Mackenzie might go the same way."

When Chloe finds out she may be pregnant again so soon, she has to turn to Mack for support over her worries about the future.

"She loves Reuben but is definitely overwhelmed with the experience of being a new mum so her initial reaction is one of worry: not only about how she will cope but if it will put a strain on her relationship with Mackenzie," she said. "But I think ultimately she would want a sibling for Reuben."

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Mack tries to win her over with a grand gesture by popping the question, despite the fact that the two have only been together for a few months.

"It definitely takes her by surprise because she had convinced herself that Mackenzie would not react positively to the pregnancy," she said. "She loves Mackenzie and does want to marry him — in her eyes that's the perfect ending for the family she has started."

The actress went on: "Unsurprisingly, the Dingles are not impressed. Chloe is very aware of this and tries to contain her excitement in order to navigate the announcement in the least firework-inducing way possible."

Unfortunately, Chloe will eventually learn that she's not actually pregnant — and this discovery could have a huge impact on her engagement.

mack boyd, chloe, emmerdale

"She is massively worried that this will destroy her relationship and future with Mackenzie," Jessie said.

"She is so insecure about his feelings for her that she thinks he has proposed just because she is pregnant. So in her mind, if she tells him it's a false alarm he will end their relationship and that's the last thing she wants."

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