Emmerdale star Jessie Elland calls for Chloe Harris to dump Mackenzie Boyd

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale actress Jessie Elland has called for her character Chloe Harris to dump Mackenzie Boyd.

Mack has cheated on Chloe with his ex, Charity — something the audience knows, but Chloe doesn't yet. In a storyline twist announced to air next week, Mack will propose to Chloe once she announces that she's pregnant again, although she'll later realise that she isn't pregnant after she gets her period.

When asked what her advice for Chloe is regarding Mack, Elland said: "Leave him!"

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"[Mack cheating is] especially heartbreaking knowing how much Chloe loves Mackenzie and how all she wants is for him to love her back," she said.

"I think [finding out] will really devastate her, to the point we might see her react and respond on a level we have never seen from her before. It's literally her worst fear brought to life."

Elland believes that Chloe will be fine on her own if/when she dumps Mack, as she stated: "She has already proved herself strong-willed and tenacious, and she has the support of her family and friends."

As for potential revenge, the actress isn't sure if there's someone Chloe could sleep with that would get under Mack's skin — at least not someone in the village right now.

chloe, mack boyd, emmerdale

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"I think the only affair that would rile Mackenzie would be one with someone close to home," she said. "Maybe if he had a long-lost twin brother she could hunt down and start a relationship with."

A long-lost twin brother? On a soap? It's not completely unheard of.

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