Emmerdale’s Rebecca Sarker hints Manpreet could be Meena’s next victim

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Emmerdale star Rebecca Sarker, who plays Mapreet Sharma in the soap, has revealed her character is “definitely in danger” because she gets “too close to the truth” about her murderous sister Meena.

The soap villain has been a dangerous presence in the Dales, having killed four people to date.

These include Leanna Cavanagh, Andrea Tate, Ben Tucker and her best friend Nadine Butler, who did not appear on the show.

Meena also attempted to kill soap favourites Victoria Sugden and Priya Sharma.

She was jealous of Victoria’s relationship with her ex-lover David Metcalfe and tried to smother Priya with a pillow out of fear that she knew too much about her past actions.

Speaking on ITV’s Lorraine, Sarker said: “Meena is capable of anything – I get asked, ‘Is she capable of killing her sister?’

“They do love each other, so Meena is capable of anything, let’s be clear, and I can exclusively reveal that Manpreet is definitely in danger because she just gets too close to the truth.

“Meena, bless her, she makes Kathy Bates in Misery look like Florence Nightingale.

“It’s an absolute disaster for Manpreet. She’s taken hostage, she’s kidnapped, and she’s put in some very odd positions.

“My back is hurting actually now, having done quite a few weeks of being tied up…”

Sarker added that her character knows Meena is capable of “being a nasty piece of work”.

TRIC Awards 50th Birthday – London
Rebecca Sarker attending the Tric Awards 2019 50th birthday celebration (Ian West/PA)

She explained: “Manpreet knows that her sister is a pathological liar, number one, she’s betrayed Manpreet so many times.

“There’s been that debacle with the texts and Charles, completely blew Charles and Manpreet’s relationship or chance for a relationship wide open.

“She knows that her sister is capable of lying, of betrayal… but she doesn’t know she’s capable of murder and Manpreet would be absolutely horrified to even go there.”

Meena has also revealed she is pregnant with Billy Fletcher’s baby, whom she used to date and who plays a personal trainer.

However, “the seeds of suspicion and doubt are germinating in Manpreet’s mind”, according to Sarker.

She added: “[Manpreet] knows that Meena can just literally lie in front of someone’s face – bare-faced lies in front of someone because she’s done it with her sister so many times so she’s doubting.

“It’s terribly convenient that she’s pregnant now with her new love’s baby.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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