Emmerdale lines up change in Mackenzie and Chloe story

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Mackenzie Boyd is given food for thought next week when he's challenged over his attitude towards his unborn child.

Mackenzie is the father of Chloe Harris' baby, but is desperate to keep the truth under wraps as he fears the wrath of his fiancée Charity Dingle.

This week's episodes saw tensions grow after Chloe unexpectedly returned to the village and vowed to stick around, which angered Mack. However, next week's episodes see the dynamic start to change.

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Nate Robinson is curious when he spots tell-tale signs that Mack cares more for Chloe and the baby than he has been letting on.

Mack considers this and starts to wonder whether Nate has a point.

Later, Mack bumps into Chloe and she confirms that their child is a boy. When Chloe invites Mack to feel the baby kicking, there's a charged moment between the two.

As the week continues, it becomes clear that Mack is struggling with not being part of the baby-related excitement.

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This leads to another argument between Mack and Chloe, as they discuss how involved he should be in the baby's life.

Nate continues to watch the situation closely and doesn't believe Mack when he claims that he's not interested in being involved with the baby.

Meanwhile, Charity is oblivious to Mack's turmoil as she focuses her attention on her son Noah, who's struggling with Samson's demands for cash.

Mack feels guilty, knowing that he's deceiving Charity. It's no secret that the truth will finally be exposed around the time of the pair's wedding next month – but just how messy will things get before then?

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