Emmerdale legend stabbed ahead of 'soap exit' after 15 years on screens

Emmerdale's Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) has been left fighting for his life after Thursday night's episode of Emmerdale, in which the teen was accidentally stabbed by Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano).

The devastating accident comes just months after Samson star Sam Hall was rumoured to be leaving the ITV soap. Back in April, The Sun reported that Sam had been axed from the soap after 15 years as Samson, who would be killed off.

However, in May, Sam broke his silence on his rumoured exit, revealing that he had some "really big stuff coming up" on the soap and that Samson was "definitely not being killed off". He added: "There are some good stories coming up for him, and I was very excited when I read the scripts."

Samson was stabbed in Thursday's episode of Emmerdale
Samson was stabbed in Thursday's episode of Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Samson's life was left in the balance following Thursday night's episode, with the long-time character being stabbed by Matty following an altercation. Whilst hanging out with village newcomer Josh at HOP, Samson watches on as Josh keeps trying to flirt with Amy and makes transphobic remarks to Matty.

Fed up of him hitting on her, Amy leaves work early and Matty decides to confront Josh over his behaviour and tells both him and Samson to leave the premises. Later outside HOP, Josh keeps dead-naming Matty - calling him by his birth name - and heads back inside to fight him.

Josh threatens Matty to give him money from the till and a stand-off ensues, resulting in Josh shoving Samson into Matty - who is holding a knife. Samson begins bleeding out and Josh accuses Matty of coming at them with a knife.

Sam Hall as Samson Dingle
Sam Hall is rumoured to be leaving Emmerdale after 15 years on the soap -Credit:ITV

Elsewhere in the episode, Marlon continued to think over his split from Rhona following Wednesday's episode. The couple reached breaking point during Ivy's christening, when Marlow discovered that he had been left out of another major decision and threw a pan of food on the floor.

Earlier this week, Emmerdale's Eden Taylor- Draper - who plays Belle Dingle on the soap - opened up about her upcoming storyline, which will see Belle discover she's pregnant by her abusive husband Tom. “Belle isn’t in the headspace to have a child – even though that’s something she’s probably always dreamt of, coming from such a big family like the Dingles,” Eden said. “She knows it’s not right to bring a baby into the world in the current situation she’s in.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV1 and ITVX.