Emmerdale fans 'rumble' who Ella is visiting in care home and her village connection amid huge secret

Emmerdale fans think they've figured out who Ella Forster was visiting in the care home.

Ella made a dramatic entrance into the village earlier this year when she threw a drink over her boss Jules, quitting her job on the spot while defending Mandy Dingle at a vets social. Since then, Ella has bagged a job as a receptionist at the surgery and started a romance with co-worker Dr Liam Cavanagh.

But Ella's behaviour has raised eyebrows, leaving viewers suspicious that she's hiding something. Fans are already convinced that the surgery receptionist and vet Tom King are secretly plotting revenge but in recent episodes, Ella caused concern in the village after it was revealed she was sleeping in her car.

Emmerdale fans are convinced they've rumbled who Ella Forster was visiting in the care home
Ella was seen visiting a care home where she spent time with an elderly resident named June -Credit:ITV

After moving into Liam's place when he found out, she snapped at close friend Mandy when she saw her looking at an old photo. Adding to the mystery, Ella refused to be photographed at the village fete and quickly left.

In Thursday, 23 May's episode, more hints were dropped about Ella's secret as she visited a mystery elderly woman with dementia at a care home. They looked through an old photo album together, stopping at a picture of the older woman working with a group of girls at a cigarette factory.

During the scene, Ella revealed she had been visiting for some time and they both expressed how fortunate they were to have each other.

Paula Lane plays Ella Forster
Newcomer Ella is hiding something about her life outside of the village -Credit:ITV

Heartbreakingly, the elderly woman forgot their previous conversation and asked Ella again to look at their photo album. Ella responded in a lovely way, saying: "Who cares, it's our thing, we love it!"

In a hint towards something secret in Ella's past, the old woman queried: "Were we once very sad about something?" Coincidentally, Manpreet Sharma turned up at the care home at just that moment, visiting another resident.

Tensions rose as an upset Ella accused Manpreet of spying on her in the hallway but a confused Manpreet insisted she was there for work purposes.

Liam and Ella on Emmerdale
Liam and Ella on Emmerdale -Credit:No credit

They had a tense drive back where Ella made it clear to Manpreet that what happened must stay between them. Ella even went so far as to say if anyone found out, she'd pack her bags immediately.

Unable to hold back her tears any longer, Ella confided in Manpreet about the mystery old lady: "She is the most important thing, the most. Whatever time I've got left with her, it's time I never thought I'd get. That I don't deserve. I have to cherish each bit. It's between me and her. It's deep and it's private. I'm all she's got," Manpreet agrees to keep Ella's secret safe.

Emmerdale, which recently reached its 10,000th episode milestone, enthusiasts flocked to Twitter, now X, to voice their theories, with many convinced that Ella has a dark connection to the village's notorious serial killer Meena Jutla.

One viewer tweeted: "I reckon Meena murdered Ella's mom/granny's daughter? "

Another mused: "Manpreet catching Ella... is that a clue about who this story will involve? #Emmerdale"

Yet another viewer speculated: "Still think Ella connected to Leanna or Meena #Emmerdale."