Emmerdale fans beg character to stay in village as she's banished in furious scenes

Emmerdale viewers were left confused in a recent episode as an argument between two characters meant the newest arrival prepared to leave the village.

Ella Forster, played by Paula Lane, was told to leave the village by Liam Cavanagh (Jonny McPherson). The local doctor was horrified by Ella, who he has been dating for months, as he uncovered her secret - she’s a child killer. It was revealed that Ella took the life of an 11-year-old girl when she was the same age herself.

Ella had been visiting a woman called June in a care home in secret. When June sadly died, Ella attended his funeral - and Liam followed her there.

Liam explained to the bystanders who Ella was and that he was there to support her, but to his surprise they furiously turned on Ella with one saying: “It should be you in that hole, not her! You're scum, you're a murderer, child killer!".

The camera panned onto the grave next to June's, where it appeared to be her late daughter as it read: "Joanne Phillips, 3rd March 1994 to 22nd August 2005".

Ella Forster at the care home
Ella has been keeping her cards close to her chest since arring in Emmerdale -Credit:ITV/Mark Bruce

During the Monday 3 June episode, the fallout continued with Liam being furious at Ella. As they argued, Liam stormed towards Ella's car and said: “Just open that door, open that door, get in start the engine and go because I genuinely, honestly don’t want to see your face again.”

Ella then confessed her love for Liam and wanted to stay and explain herself. But he replied: “Love is what you do, not what you say.”

Ella then said: “Liam, please.” But Liam slammed the door shut. Will Ella do as Liam wishes and leave? Or will she decide to stay and try to win everyone back around?

Ella Forster at the care home
Emmerdale fans were suspicious about Ella after her frequent visits to June -Credit:ITV

The episode ended with Ella sitting sadly in her car and fans were quick to rush to social media declaring they didn’t want her to go so soon.

One wrote: “It’d be a shame if Paula Lane’s stint in Emmerdale is short lived, as she’s such a great actress… #emmerdale”.

Another penned: “I can understand Liam being upset it’s probably raw for him because of leanna but Ella didn’t kill her. He’s not thinking straight. #Emmerdale”.

Liam Cavanagh with Ella Forster
Ella and Liam had been dating after meeting at work -Credit:ITV

A third said: “Dam oh Ella Come on Liam mate that was harsh. Respect to Paula, she's playing a blinder here, another great episode tonight folks. #emmerdale”.

One didn’t share the same opinion and added: “I seem to be the only one who wants Ella to drive off and never come back. She’s such a pointless character!! #Emmerdale”.