Emmerdale Ella's secret finally revealed in funeral scenes as fans 'work out' Joanne link

Emmerdale's enigmatic newcomer, Ella Forster, finally had her secret unveiled in Thursday's episode, 30 May. Ella made a dramatic entrance into the village earlier this year when she boldly poured a drink over her boss Jules, quitting her job on the spot while defending Mandy Dingle at a vets social.

Since then, Ella has secured a position as a receptionist at the surgery and kindled a romance with her co-worker, Dr Liam Cavanagh. However, it wasn't long before Ella aroused suspicion among viewers, as it became evident she was concealing something.

Her behaviour has been questionable at times. In recent episodes hints about Ella's secret intensified when she visited a mysterious elderly woman named June Phillips, who suffers from dementia, at a care home.

Emmerdale's Ella Forster's on Thursday's episode
Emmerdale finally revealed mystery newcomer Ella Forster's secret -Credit:ITV

They perused an old photo album together, pausing at a vintage picture of June working alongside other women at a cigarette factory, reports the Mirror. During this scene, Ella disclosed that she had been visiting for some time, and they both expressed gratitude for each other's company.

In devastating scenes the next day, Ella learnt that the old lady had died overnight and it was revealed that she wasn't related to her, sparking further mystery. On Thursday's episode, Ella attended June's funeral but made sure to keep her distance from June's family.

Visiting the spot where June's grave was going to be, Ella said: "This is stupid, it's just an empty hole you're not even in there. I know you wouldn't want me here but I had to, it wouldn't have been right for me to go in there.

"I don't want to hurt anyone, not again - even this is more than I deserve. I hope you find some peace now both of you... I am so sorry... for everything" as the camera panned onto a double grave.

A camera panned onto the grave next to June's, which reads 'Joanne Phillips'
Ella appears to be linked to the death of a Joanne Phillips -Credit:ITV

As the funeral took place Liam then arrived at the venue, believing that June had been Ella's mum. The funeralgoers then began to interrogate Liam about his identity, to which he replied that he was there to support June's daughter Ella.

June's relatives were left baffled by this claim, stating that June's daughter had passed away, The situation intensified as they suspected Liam of being an uninvited guest, just before Ella intervened to defuse the tension.

However, this only led to June's incensed family lashing out at Ella, revealing her true identity in their heated exchange: "It should be you in that hole, not her! You're scum, you're a murderer, child killer! "

The camera then ominously shifted to the adjacent grave marked "Joanne Phillips, 3rd March 1994 to 22nd August 2005". Emmerdale fans flocked to Twitter to speculate on the unfolding drama and Joanne's connection to the story.

Emmerdale's Ella visits June
Ella had recently been visiting an elderly woman named June Phillips -Credit:ITV

One viewer theorised: "Ah - Ella killed June's daughter or was responsible for her death so when June became ill with dementia she took her daughter's place #Emmerdale",

While another wrote: "Ella's got some explaining to do to Liam. Child killer... did Ella kill June's daughter and if she went to prison for it, then maybe she became pals with Meena who would no doubt manipulate the s**t out of her, has Ella turned up to do Meena's dirty work #Emmerdale."

A third viewer suggested: "I don't think it's a case of Ella being a murderer, I think she was babysitting or friends with Joanne and something happened and the family are blaming her when she wasn't at fault, that's why she changed her name #emmerdale."