Emmerdale couple split feared by devastated fans as huge bombshell dropped

Emmerdale appeared to hint at a split for one couple on Wednesday night after two years of marriage
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Turbulence erupted in Emmerdale on Wednesday, hinting at a possible split between one couple who have been hitched for two years.

Marlon has found it hard to forgive Rhona's court betrayal and their relationship took a hit last month when they had a massive row in front of their friends. Despite attempts at reconciliation, including couples therapy, things took a turn for the worse on Wednesday.

Rhona's frustration with Marlon's inability to move past their history reached boiling point during a discussion about Ivy's christening with vicar Charles Anderson. Marlon was furious to discover he'd been left out of another major decision and in his anger, he threw a pan of food on the floor.

Paddy Kirk later tried to lift Marlon's spirits with a camping trip, but before they left, Marlon dropped a shocking revelation on Rhona.

He told his wife: "I can't be under the same roof as you so I'm going camping with my mate because I need a break. While I'm away, let's have a think of this, me and you, can actually work because I'm really not sure anymore..." leaving Rhona utterly stunned.

Marlon and Rhonda on table
Marlon and Rhonda tied the knot in 2022 but could be heading for a split -Credit:ITV

Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their frustrations over Marlon's outbursts on Wednesday's episode, as one penned: "Marlon, calm down before I turn the tv off. His daughter April is more grown up #Emmerdale."

A second wrote: "Marlon really needs to stop being so sensitive & realise the way he sees things isn't necessarily how it is."

"Marlon's stroppy behaviour is boring now," penned a third.

Others are 'so over' the storyline altogether. "Can we fast forward this Rhona and Marlon storyline please," one commented.

It's no secret that Marlon and Rhona have been facing rocky times recently. Earlier this year, Marlon (Mark Charnock) felt the unequivocal sting of betrayal when Rhona (Zoe Henry) threw him an unexpected twist in her legal battle against ex-hubby Gus Malcolms.

Gus and Marlon were left in utter disbelief when Rhona disavowed her former spouse in court, exclaiming she was "unable to lie for him" after enduring months of torment.

Gus landed eight years behind bars and Rhona's startling statement sent shockwaves through the tight-knit villagers, shaking her marriage to Marlon at its foundation. Prior to stepping into court, Rhona had agreed to read out a victim impact statement which could have potentially softened Gus' punishment, especially given he'd already signed documents granting them access to baby Ivy.

Rhona tearful as she sits next to Marlon
Marlon told Rhona he 'couldn't be under the same roof' as her -Credit:ITV/Mark Bruce/REX/Shutterstock

The charges against Gus stemmed from the unauthorised use of frozen embryos belonging to him and Rhona from when they were married. Rhona had assumed they had been destroyed, so Gus' revelation of his plan to use them, along with his new wife Lucy was met with fierce rejection.

However, Gus went ahead and faked Rhona's approval resulting in Lucy falling pregnant. Tragically, Lucy passed away during Ivy's birth.

Since then, Rhona has been trying to raise her biological daughter, but Gus tried to flee to France with the little girl behind Rhona's back, leading to her taking Ivy. This led to a custody battle that saw Rhona facing kidnapping charges, which were eventually dropped, while Gus was sentenced to eight years for fraud.

With their marriage on the line, fans are left wondering if this is the end for the pair who tied the knot nearly two years ago in 2022.