Emmerdale confirms culprit in Alex Moore's hit and run

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Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale has revealed that Billy Fletcher is responsible for running down Alex Moore in shocking scenes.

Thursday's (March 30) hour-long episode dealt with Dawn and Billy trying to gain legal custody of Alex's children while he weighed up whether or not to fight for them.

While his girlfriend Naomi encouraged Alex to go to the court hearing, his true colours showed as he broke into the pharmacy once again while the hearing was ongoing.

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Since Alex never showed up to fight his corner, the judge ruled that Billy and Dawn would keep custody of Lucas and Clemmie — though their victory was short-lived.

Back in the village, Charles had discovered the stolen drugs in Alex's car and gave chase when the thief did a runner through the village.

Charles was able to catch up with Alex and tackled him, doing visible damage to his car in the process. Alex finally confessed everything about his scheme to get close to Naomi in order to rob the pharmacy.

The vicar was heartbroken to hear his daughter had been used, yet when he went to call police, Alex smashed the phone and made off with the drugs.

Alex was desperately trying to escape as Charles returned to the village to explain to Naomi that she had been scammed. The vicar soon set off again on a drive when his daughter didn't share his outrage.

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Meanwhile, Alex was on the phone to his partner-in-crime Clare to reveal that he'd finally got the drugs they need. Once he hung up, Alex stepped out into the road and was hit by a passing car.

Viewers could see a figure walking towards Alex's lifeless body, before turning and running away as the side mirror on his car revealed Billy was the driver.

Later, a panicked Billy revealed to Dawn that he'd been the one to hit Alex with his car. Billy wanted to turn himself in, but Dawn stopped him from doing so. According to Dawn, the couple only had a problem if Alex woke up — but will Billy's guilty conscience get the better of him?

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