Emmerdale Ash Palmisciano on how bagging Matty role was his 'last chance'

Emmerdale star Ash Palmisciano has revealed the surprising way he bagged his Emmerdale role and explains how he was about to quit acting altogether.

With a big storyline for his character, Matty Barton, playing out on-screen, Ash appeared on Lorraine on Tuesday 11 June. Ash opened up to Lorraine Kelly on her show about the fact he was about to give up on his dream.

He told Lorraine: “For years I was doing all sorts of jobs, I was working as a peasant at Warwick Castle for a long time- trying all sorts of things.

“So for me to get this was a real last chance, my family were saying to me ‘maybe you should think of something else’.”

Ash Palmisciano on Lorraine
Ash Palmisciano chats with Lorraine Kelly -Credit:ITV

Ash revealed to Lorraine that he agreed to look at another career and started a new job - not realising where it would lead.

Ash explained: “I was volunteering for a charity at the time and was consulting with Emmerdale on a storyline - that’s how I got into it.

“I went along and I didn’t say I was an actor but by the end of it they said ‘would you like to audition?’. So said ‘yeah, go on then’ and seven years later, I’m still there.”

Ash Palmisciano as Matty Barton
Matty Barton has been arrested in Emmerdale -Credit:ITV

Ash’s character Matty has found himself in a whole world of trouble after accidentally stabbing Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) at the HOP.

Samson and his mate were harassing Matty who grabbed a knife. After a tussle, Samson ended up with a stab wound and Matty was arrested.

Ash told Lorraine: “This is the worst possible thing for Matty. He’s a nice guy, has been sheltered by his lovely family. The thought of going to prison anyway would be terrifying, let alone the fact that he's a trans guy - what does that mean for him? It’s an extra layer of fear.”

Matty was in a confrontation with Samson and his mate -Credit:ITV/Mark Bruce

Being trans himself, Ash reveals playing a trans character was a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

Ash said: “Right now when things are really hard - I don't know if it's ever been as tough to be a trans person.It’s really hard, and this is why I wanted to do the role.

“When it came up, I had to really think about it, Lorraine, because it was putting myself out there and I lived in a lovely little bubble. So when I chose to do this role, I thought ‘what an amazing opportunity’, it’s not obviously my dream job, but also to be able to help break down those fears and to be put in it to be trans because trans people are just like everyone else.”