Emma Watson has Marilyn Monroe moment in tiny bridal mini dress

Emma Watson in silver dress
Emma Watson looks radiant in silver (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Emma Watson has been smashing it out of the park with her style recently, enchanting onlookers earlier this week in a fashion-forward black mini, while Thursday saw her have a Marilyn Monroe moment during an appearance in Milan.

The Harry Potter actress donned a halterneck mini dress, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe's famous billowing white dress, as she blew kisses to her adoring fans.

Emma added matching heels and a crescent moon-shaped Prada bag, wearing her shoulder-length hair in a simple, chic half-up half-down 'do.

Emma Watson in silver dress
Emma Watson looks radiant in silver (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Fans on social media lapped up the photos, heaping praise on the 33-year-old. "Stunning as ever," and: "Always elegant," two wrote, while another added: "Emma Watson is on fire tonight!"

Emma's dazzling silver dress was worn in honour of Prada's dinner to celebrate their spring/summer 2024 collection, with the actress the face of their fragrance Prada Paradoxe.

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The star has been super busy lately, jetting around the world for various events, and in a video for Vogue, she gave an insight into how she looks after herself, sharing she keeps two Zicam wands in her bag, which is a medical product with zinc in, to shorten the length of a cold.

"I travel all the time, and I try not to get sick. You literally put this up your nose and it stops you from getting sick. Even if it's a placebo, it's working for me," she explained.

Emma Watson in a silver mini dress
Emma Watson wowed in a silver mini dress (David Fisher/Shutterstock)

Emma also keeps an oregano nose spray in her bag, which she calls 'intense.' Meghan Markle also uses oregano oil to stay well, so we'll be making note of that wonder cure!

On how she looks so flawless despite constantly being on the go, Emma revealed she likes Lune & Aster's Undereye Brightener to keep her looking wide awake. "I think if I only put it on my face I can get away with very little," she shared.

Emma Watson before the Prada show at Milan Fashion Week
Emma Watson wore a black mini earlier this week (Arnold Jerocki)

Clearly wary of being unwell, Emma added that she uses a lip balm with tea tree in, as she feels this will stop her from getting sick.

As for remaining well-rested amid her busy schedule, the Little Women star shared she uses a silk eye mask that means she can sleep anywhere. "You can basically put me on the floor in one of these, and I will be able to sleep.

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"I wear them on trains, aeroplanes, in bed. It's a hug for your face. It covers your ears and you can't hear quite so much."

Emma also gave an insight into her wellness rituals, sharing each day she notes down in her journal three things that made her feel joyful, three kind things that happened and three things she felt she did well.

Emma Watson looks after her health
Emma Watson looks after her health (Arnold Jerocki)

With such a robust health and wellness routine, it's no surprise Emma looks so great, and we can't wait to see her next outfit!

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