Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta: we’re in love

emma watson bottega

Stop what you're doing and give a round of applause for Emma Watson please. Grazia Daily has fallen head over heels for her latest resplendent red carpet look and we defy you not to too. THIS is why we love it...

Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta: we’re in love.
Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta

1. the dress is from Bottega Veneta's A/W '11 collection. Under the command of Tomas Maier, the Italian fashion house has become famous for unfailingly elegant gowns and luxurious flourishes. You'll remember Emma Stone wore a yellow and lace bustier dress to the MTV Awards earlier this summer, proving that young ladies on the Hollywood block are BV’s ideal customer so Emma of the Watson variety is wise to get involved.

Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta: we’re in love.
emma watson bottega veneta

2. the corset is hot. Made of raw canvas frayed at the edges, the figure-hugging bustier brings just the right amount of sexy rough-and-readiness while making the most of the actress’s petite frame.

Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta
Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta

3. then there’s the skirt. Would you LOOK at all that billowing satin and the gloriously sumptuous burnt amber hue with pewter shading. It’s elegant, original and appropriatley Gothic-like.

Emma Watson in Bottega Veneta: we’re in love.

4. the accessorising is perfection. To avoid glamour-overload, all that’s needed for this dramatic look is a pair of Lorraine Schwartz earrings.

5. Also, can we just say: how amazing is that Black Swan-esque make-up? The eyeshadow is dark and smoky, with a slick of gold in the inner corners and flecks of gold leaf at the outer edges. Meanwhile, Emma's wet-look, slicked-back, side-parted hair ensures her doe-like eyes take all the attention.
6. Ms Watson works the look with conviction. Like a true fashion superhero, the 21-year-old is fast learning how to make brave fashion choices without looking too ‘out there’. And for that, we’re giving her a congratulatory thumbs up.
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by Jessica Vince

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