From Emma Stone to Julia Roberts, Celebs Are Now Using Olive Oil on Their Faces

In case you missed it, I realised recently that almost everyone I know with great skin swears by a certain basic oil. On that occasion, it was argan oil that turned out to be the skincare secret weapon but it got me thinking about what other purse-friendly oils I was overlooking. Turns out, there's one in particular that celebrities like Emma Stone and Kylie Jenner are always raving about—olive oil.

Yes, that classic kitchen cupboard staple isn't just for dressing your lunchtime salad—it actually boasts a multitude of beauty uses too.

"I'm really allergic to a lot of stuff, so I can really only use products with a single ingredient in it," Emma Stone told Marie Claire. For sensitive skin types, there's no doubting that sometimes keeping things basic is best—and you can't get more basic than straight-up olive oil.

"I have a big bottle of olive oil on my sink ... So I just put it on my face, and I smell like focaccia. And it’s really sexy," Stone joked. But really, what's better than focaccia?

Similarly, when Emma's skin is feeling dry it's olive oil that she relies on to bring her skin back into balance. When Glamour asked what her skincare routine is for caring for dry skin, Stone explained that it changes constantly.

"I'm super-promiscuous. It depends," she said. "The thing I like the most is just straight oils—olive oil, argon oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil—but... a lot of that stuff is too heavy to wear all over your face all the time, which I'm learning slowly but surely."

It's not just Emma that's a fan either, Kylie Jenner also declared her love for olive oil in a YouTube video with her sister Khloé Kardashian. After shampooing and conditioning her hair, and exfoliating her body with a loofah, Kylie explains that she'll "drench myself in, like, organic oils that I got off of Amazon" when she gets out of the shower.

Her oils of choice? "Almond oil or olive oil or jojoba oil," Jenner says.

While olive oil is great as a moisturiser for your face—according to Vogue Italia, Julia Roberts uses a few drops mixed with warm water and massaged in—it can be used for other beauty benefits too.

In fact, Roberts reportedly uses the same method of mixing extra virgin olive oil with water to nourish her nails and hair. "For her feet, she rubs in neat extra-virgin olive oil and, after pulling on a pair of old bed socks, leaves it on all night," she told Vogue.

As well as using it on their face, celebs love using olive oil in their hair too. Cipriana Quann told Byrdie that she applies it to her hair at night. "I braid it into six or seven large braids or Bantu knots, placing a little extra-virgin coconut and olive oil on the strands as I braid. Then I wrap it with a silk scarf," Quann explained. "When it comes to hair products, I am very minimalistic, but I love all-natural oils like...extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil."

Continuing down the haircare path, Miranda Kerr revealed to Elle that she uses olive oil as a DIY hair mask. I sleep with olive oil in my hair once a week as a treatment—it nourishes the scalp and leaves my hair super shiny," Kerr said.

Naturally rich in vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as a natural antioxidant, there's no doubt that olive oil is an affordable product that can genuinely do good for your skin and hair. However, its rich texture might be too much for some skin types—leading to clogged pores and congestion—so I'd recommend using it sparingly or looking out for products that contain olive oil for that moisture hit.

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