Emma Corrin had 'tunnel vision' after The Crown

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Emma Corrin credit:Bang Showbiz
Emma Corrin credit:Bang Showbiz

Emma Corrin had to have "tunnel vision" after 'The Crown' came out.

The Princess Diana actress admitted things got "a bit crazy" when the Netflix show was released but she feels it is very important for her to come home and "drown out" the huge success surrounding her.

She said: "Stuff got a bit crazy when the show came out. I had to have a bit of tunnel vision ... You do your job, you come home, and then like try and drown out the rest. I think it’s a really important mindset to have, especially if stuff starts quickly and you’re young. Because the rest of it is scary."

Despite her huge success, Emma admits her life is very "unglamorous".

She told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I cannot express how unglamorous it is. There are moments, where you’re at an event, and you’ll be like, oh, this is quite shiny, but day to day – no.

"I live with flatmates that I’ve lived with for five years who have nine-to-five jobs. We all go to work, come home, cook dinner and there’s no shenanigans. You’re still trying to sort out weird rashes and trying to book doctor’s appointments or being like, oh f***, I forgot to buy butter."

Emma previously admitted playing Princess Diana in 'The Crown' was "terrifying".

Reflecting on the role, she said: "I remember when I got the part, I did feel that insane sense of responsibility, also playing Diana as well, it's kind of terrifying."

Emma went on to praise the show for allowing her time to prepare for the important role, and said she initially wasn’t meant to play the role, and was only hired to help other actresses with their auditions.

She added: "It was a mental process, but I'll try to keep it short. I was sort of working, jobbing, trying to earn money in London and also, manically running around auditioning for anything that I could. I got asked by Nina Gold and Rob Sterne, who cast The Crown, to come in and help for some of the chemistry reads they were doing between Camillas, who they were auditioning."