Emma Chamberlain's neon green eyeliner was my Met Gala highlight

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Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images
Photo credit: John Shearer - Getty Images

Please can someone who knows Emma Chamberlain go and give her a big forehead kiss from me because she just absolutely smashed her first time attending and presenting this year's Met Gala.

At first when I saw her on the red carpet in that stunning Louis Vuitton sparkly mini dress, I assumed she was just a guest (using 'just as' very loosely here seeing as a Met Gala invite is inconceivable for most of the population).

However, it wasn't until I caught up on my YouTube subscriptions that I realised Emma was also interviewing all the celebrity guests on behalf of Vogue as well.

Talk about being thrown in at the deep end.

Naturally Emma did an incredible job and even if she didn't I would not care because did you see her makeup?

Kelsey Deenihan Fisher was the artist behind my favourite makeup look of the night and the one responsible for making us all want to wear neon green eyeliner just as we head into autumn.

Thankfully for us, Kelsey shared a breakdown of the exact products she used on Emma and they are all from Byredo.

Who, by the way, were also responsible for Olivia Rodrigo's pink MTV VMA eyeshadow look.

Specifically for that neon green, Kelsey used their Syren 5 colour eyeshadow palette (also the same palette Olivia used) and mixed the chartreuse shade with a mixing medium to turn it into a liner.

While Kelsey didn't list her mixing medium of choice, we love Makeup by Mario's Master Metal Manipulator.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to play with my makeup.

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