Emma Chamberlain looks exactly like Rachel Green from Friends in her new pic

Maddy Alford
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YouTuber, Cosmopolitan US cover girl, and coffee entrepreneur extraordinaire Emma Chamberlain just posted a new selfie, and *whoah,* she has us doing a double take.

When I scrolled past it in my feed half asleep, I literally thought it was a rare BTS photo of Rachel in Green in Friends, aka Jennifer Aniston. (That is, until my morning brain clocked that it was, in fact, a very 2021 iPhone selfie.)

Emma, who was most recently platinum blonde, revealed some new chocolate brown locks, styled in a very Jen An-esq 'do. You know the one - fluffy, face-framing layers curled under, with the bottom shoulder-skimming layers flipped up and out.

Even her top screams Friends: the green sleeveless turtleneck sweater is exactly like the one Rachel Green wore in Season 7, Episode 4 to flirt with her new assistant, Tag Jones. Oh, Tag.

In that episode, Jen Aniston's character actually has long, straight hair, so my brain must have combined the flippy 90s layers and the noughties green knit into one generalised Friends amalgamation in my head.

Which is exactly what registered when I saw this selfie:

And here we have what was arguably 1995's most famous haircut:

Photo credit: Mitchell Gerber - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mitchell Gerber - Getty Images

And Rachel Green's very green sleeveless jumper from another episode:

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

See what I mean? Emma is basically Miss Green reincarnate. She finished off the look with some cute slime green nails and gold hoops. Her phone case, front and centre in the selfie, is one from her collab with Wildflower Cases, a US-based brand, and the phone grip advertises Chamberlain Coffee, her latest business venture.

What do you think - are they twinning, or is Lockdown 3.0 messing with my head?

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