Eminem's daughter Hailie is a 25-year-old influencer and it's making people feel old

Daniella Scott
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Photo credit: Hailie Jade - Instagram
Photo credit: Hailie Jade - Instagram

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In today's surprise news people have just discovered that Eminem's daughter Hailie is in her twenties and are taking to social media to ponder where exactly the time has gone, after she shared pictures of her 25th birthday to Instagram earlier this week.

As a child Hailie Jade Mathers was referenced in a lot of Eminem's music in the early noughties, and apparently we millenials failed to realise that means she's now in her twenties. That is until a few days ago when she posted a picture to Instagram celebrating her 25th birthday, causing people on Twitter to feel very old and very confused as to where the time has gone.

One Twitter user wrote, "I just found out Eminem's daughter Hailie is 25 and I think I just grew a grey hair...," while another said, "Just in case you didn’t feel old enough already, Eminem’s daughter Hailie turned 25 today...," and one person commented, "Man this makes feel really old."

Hailie, who goes by the name Hailie Jade, is also a successful influencer with a two million strong following on Instagram. There are no pictures of her with her dad on Instagram so you may even have come across her content without realising exactly who she was.

Hey, everyday's a school day, isn't it?

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