Emily Ratajkowski reveals her very wholesome ‘secret talent’

Emily Ratajkowski’s “secret talent” is flower arranging.

The supermodel, 31, shared her quiet passion during a question and answer session as she was getting made up for her cover shoot for the new issue of HommeGirls magazine.

A video of Emily in a make-up room typing on her phone as she sat in front of a mirror showed her answering a series of questions, the first of which was: “Go to cocktail?”

Emily replied: “Gin martini dirty,” and when a fan asked the ‘Gone Girl’ actress to reveal her “secret talent” she said: “Flower arranging.”

The model also revealed her most-used emoji was the one showing a pair of hands making a heart shape.

Her fans have speculated for years whether flower arranging is her secret hobby as she has posted images of herself holding huge, perfectly-crafted bouquets.

She also dressed for Paris fashion week in March as a giant flower, with her top a massive faux anthurium flower in bright greens and pink.

Emily recently revealed her other big passion is writing, and said she is planning on becoming a screenwriter and novelist.

The mum-of-one – who had son Sylvester, two, with her estranged husband Sebastian Bear-McClard – is already a top selling writer as her 2021 essay collection ‘My Body’ was a New York Times bestseller.

She told Elle magazine about how she wants her next two projects to be a screenplay and work of fiction: “I would love to try my hand at screenwriting. To build out the media company that I founded around the podcast.

“I definitely would like to write future books. To try my hand at fiction, even if it’s thinly veiled, simply because I feel like the way that I exposed myself in ‘My Body’, I don’t know that I would ever want to do that again.”