Emily Ratajkowski passionately kisses new man – French actor and comic Stéphane Bak!

Emily Ratajkowski has been spotted passionately kissing actor and comic Stéphane Bak.

The supermodel, 32, has recently dated Pete Davidson, artist Jack Greer, Harry Styles, Eric André and DJ Orazio Rispo since her 2022 split from husband Sebastian Bear-McClard, and has now been seen looking smitten with French star Stéphane, 27, as they had a smooch on the streets of Paris while holding glasses of wine.

Stéphane was also seen grabbing Emily’s bum during their kissing session.

The actor found fame in 2012 aged 16 as the “youngest comedian in France”, and is also renowned for being expelled from high school in 2011 and later authorised by the French Department of Social Affairs to start working at the age of 14 – which sparked his comedy career.

He has appeared in films including ‘Alone’, and ‘RoboCop’ director Paul Verhoeven’s controversial rape revenge drama ‘Elle’ alongside Isabelle Huppert.

He’s also appeared in Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City’ as a student alongside stars including Scarlett Johansson and Tom Hanks.

Emily, who has two-year-old son Sylvester Apollo with her estranged husband, filed for divorce from him in September 2022 after four years of marriage amid claims he cheated on the model.

She married the actor and producer in 2018 in New York.

Emily told earlier this year how her anxiety doesn’t hit her “so much” anymore.

She told the LA Times: “I don’t even feel my heart rate go up in the way that I used to.

“The anxiety doesn’t hit me so much, because I’m very clear on how I see the world and what the truth is.”

Emily also said one of her recent dates told her she was “stoic in the face of adversity”.

But Emily added: “I think of myself as extremely tender. I’m like, ‘Have I been hardened?’

“I think I’m just a little less scared now, basically, of the world. So maybe that comes off as unemotional.”

Emily also told how she has learned to tell men “no”, and voice her dislikes, but admitted: “I think a part of me is still scared of men.”