Emily Ratajkowski dodges admitting whether she has joined mile high club

Emily Ratajkowski has dodged admitting whether she is a member of the mile high club.

The 31-year-old supermodel, who is reportedly still dating Harry Styles, 29, after they were spotted kissing in Tokyo replied: “Lol” when asked if she had ever had sex mid-flight.

When asked: “Are you a member of the mile-high club?” in a question and answer session for the new issue of HommeGirls magazine, mum-of-one Emily responded: “Lol,” before adding: “That’s my response to that one.”

She also replied to the question: “Do you f**k with airplane food?” by saying: “On this airplane, hell yes! Even Japanese airplane food is decent. They just don’t miss.”

And Emily described a recent trip to Tokyo as impulsive – and admitted she had taken her two-year-old boy Sylvester along for the trip.

The ‘Gone Girl’ actress said when asked to describe the “most impulsive” thing she had recently done: “Flown to Tokyo with my two best friends and two-year-old.”

Emily conducted the chat in Tokyo, apparently at the same time she was seen kissing Harry on a Tokyo street.

She said in her chat with HommeGirls magazine she was in the city when chatting to them, and was getting breakfast after taking a bath with her little boy.

Emily split from husband of four years Sebastian Bear-McClard, 42, in July and since the break up from the film producer has also dated comedian Eric Andre, 39, DJ Orazio Rispo, 36, actor Pete Davidson, 29, artist Jack Greer, 35, and been linked to 59-year-old Brad Pitt.