'Emily In Paris' Fans Have A LOT Of Feelings About The Bizarre McDonald's Cameo This Season

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Why Does 'Emily In Paris' Have So Much McDonald's?Netflix

The Louvre, Eiffel Tower, flaky croissants, and beret-wearing friends sipping Kir Royales are all things you expect to see while binging your way through Netflix's Emily In Paris. But constant McDonald's cameos? Not so much.

Following the season three premiere of Emily In Paris, social media has been in a bit of an uproar due to the show's sporadic—and overt—McDonald's product placements.

Viewers are first introduced to the French version of the fast food chain after Emily reveals to her former fling Gabriel that she tried to pitch McDonald's as a luxury client. He then asks if she's ever been to a McDonald's in Paris, to which she responds "No."

From there, the pair swiftly makes their way to the Golden Arches and are met with a bright, airy space that even features a glass case filled with French pastries.

"This is so chic," says Emily upon stepping into the Parisian McDonald's. "There's no Grimace, no Hamburglar... It's still McDonald's, but it's adapted to the French culture."

The inclusion of Mickey D's on Emily in Paris has been met with varied opinions on social media. Some people are pissed:

But not every fan of the show seems to mind. One user on Twitter declared that, "Emily in Paris selling out to McDonald’s and not a French chain like Paul should be a crime. But also I will be getting a McBaguette when in Paris on Wednesday."

Another user tweeted: "this mcdonald’s product placement in emily in paris is working i’m starving!!"

And in a tasty example of life imitating art, select McDonald's in France are indeed selling the McBaguette (two hamburger patties on a baguette) mentioned on the show as part of a special Emily in Paris meal, which also includes fries, a drink, and two macarons (bien sûr!).