Emily Blunt does workouts like this 6-move circuit at home four times a week

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Photo credit: Pamela Hanson
Photo credit: Pamela Hanson

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Emily Blunt's trainer, Monique Eastwood, helped get her ready for the action-packed blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow before shooting began 10 years ago, and has been her personal trainer ever since.

Edge of Tomorrow was the star's most physically challenging role, says Eastwood. "I had to get her stunt ready – to make sure that she had good muscular endurance and cardio fitness to cope with the demands put on her body daily while filming."

But that's not to say Emily's other feature flicks have been chilled on the physical front, Eastwood is quick to add.

"She was pregnant [with her eldest daughter, Hazel] whilst filming Into the Woods, so we had to adapt her training to focus more on keeping her strong and healthy," Eastwood says. "The priority was to make sure we did not exhaust her, as she had a singing and dancing role whilst being pregnant."

A former dancer herself, Eastwood relished in helping Blunt prepare for Mary Poppins Returns. "I still adore a good dance session," she says. "To be able to help her stay fit plus add elements of dancing fitness throughout the filming was one of the most fun projects we’ve worked on. We really incorporated a lot of my dance background and movement into the training programme during that time."

Even when she's not reading herself for a role, Emily does up to four on-hour PT sessions per week.

"For Emily, it’s all about balance," Eastwood says. |She loves to stay fit so that she can play hard too. She really enjoys eating and drinking with friends, but she understands what is required for her to stay active and fit."

Staying strong and agile for her daughters with husband John Krasinski – Hazel, 7, and Violet, 4 – is also a priority for the Golden Globe winner.

'She does what it takes to maintain and takes on board any tougher sessions we may need to add in the process," Eastwood says. "She regularly says. ‘Oh god, Monique No!’ but then goes ahead and does the work or extra reps anyway. We do like to laugh a lot during our sessions, she likes to rebel, but I always win her over."

Emily's workouts (virtual at the moment) are an hour of non-stop movement based on Eastwood's own EMM (Eastwood Movement Method) classes. A typical week of training for her involves:

  • 4 sessions that feature a mixture of HIIT/power and bodyweight moves.

  • Of those, 1 work out will feature a resistance band "for an added challenge", Eastwood says.

  • 1 of the workouts will focus more on ballet-style moves, which is more precise and controlled.

  • 1 power/stretch session to release and lengthen her body.

The workout

Want to train like Blunt? Eastwood regularly uses moves like the ones below in her workouts.

"We like to work on a few regular moves from my Movement Method, and really perfect the technique, whilst ensuring they flow well from one move to the other," says Eastwood. "My method is all about multi-directional movement."

To get a feel for Eastwood's method, check out the workout she hosted on our IGTV.

Need to know

  • Perform each of these moves for the required reps, before moving straight into the next – think of this workout as a flow.

  • To get it right, walk through the workout before you begin, to practise the form for each movement.

  • Trust us, you're going to feel this after one round, but you can do another. Give yourself a 1-2 minute rest in between.

1. Wide-leg deep squats with single-arm circles

Do: 10 reps on each side

a) Start with your feet hip-width apart. Take a big step to the side, and lower down into a wide squat.

b) Stay in the squat and shift your weight from one leg to the other while reaching the opposite arm overhead in a wide circular movement. Keep alternating for 20 reps - 10 each side.

2. Wide-leg squat pulses

Do: 10 reps

a) Stay in your wide deep squat, as above. Reach your arms up alongside your ears.

b) Lower up and down, pulsing in a squat. Circling your arms out to the side and back up with each pulse.

3. Low squat with leg kicks

Do: 10 on each side

a) Stay in your wide squat, with your arms out to the side.

b) Push up through your heels to come back up to standing. As you do, kick your left leg across the midline of your body to the right, keeping your leg straight and foot flexed, and then back to your wide-leg position. Repeat for 10 reps before switching sides.

4. Plié into curtsey with rotation

Do: 10 reps on each side

a) Stand with your legs wider than hip-width apart as before, turn your feet out slightly to follow the line of your knees to come into a wide plié. Keep your body upright.

b) Step your left leg behind you and bend both knees to drop into a curtsy lunge position. As you do, bring you left hand down to touch your right ankle.

c) From your curtsy, lift your left leg up and back to wide plié position. Repeat 10 times on this side before switching over.

5. Plié pulses

Do: 10 reps

a) Begin in your wide plié position as above, with your arms up by your ears and shoulders down.

b) Keeping upright, bend your knees to sink into low plié, rotating your upper body to the right and opening your arms out to the side as you rotate the upper body. Return to wide plié and repeat on the other side. Keep alternating for 10 reps.

6. Narrow squat jump into wide plié

Do: 25 reps

a) Start with your legs slightly apart, sitting back on your heels. Push your bum back and down to sink into a squat.

b) Drivel yourself up into a jump to land in wide plié position, with your body upright and toes turned slightly out.

c) Jump back to your narrow squat, landing with soft knees, and repeat.

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