Emily Blunt is glad her daughters are 'oblivious' about their parents' fame: 'I don't want my kids to feel any more important or special'

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Emily Blunt says she's happy for her daughters to be
Emily Blunt says she's happy for her daughters to be "oblivious" to the fact that she and husband John Krasinski are famous. (Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

She's played Mary Poppins and is married to Jack Ryan and The Office star John Krasinski, but Emily Blunt says her two daughters are none the wiser about their parents' fame — which suits the English actress just fine.

Speaking to Sunday Times Style, Blunt — who this month returns to the big screen in A Quiet Place Part II, directed by Krasinski — shares how her eldest daughter, 7-year-old Hazel, only recently twigged that her parents might be celebrities. 

“[She] came home the other day and we were in the kitchen and she goes, ‘Are you famous?’" Blunt says. "And I’d never heard her… we’ve never said that word in our house. We don’t talk about it.

“Someone at school had clearly said it. I was like, ‘Um … not really, I don’t think I am. Did someone say that to you, Haze?' She said, ‘Yeah,’ but then she wouldn’t divulge much more, you know, but it’s weird. It’s weird.”

Blunt, who also shares 4-year-old daughter Violet with Krasinski, tells the British publication that fame is a "strange thing to navigate" with children. 

"I don’t want my kids to feel any more important or special or that there’s a glare on them any more than other kids," the 38-year-old star explains. "If they can remain oblivious for the longest time I’d be thrilled. They don’t even want to see what I do. They don’t even like it when I put on makeup. They don’t like any of it! They just want me to be their mummy.”

Blunt's also resistant to the idea of the girls following in their parents' acting footsteps, shutting down the idea that they would have been cast as her and Krasinski's on-screen kids in the A Quiet Place series. 

“God no — no! Please God keep them off the stage," she says. 

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