Emeli Sande is trying to cut down on alcohol

Emeli Sande wants to cut down on alcohol credit:Bang Showbiz
Emeli Sande wants to cut down on alcohol credit:Bang Showbiz

Emeli Sande is trying to cut down on alcohol.

The 35-year-old pop star started to drink champagne after discovering it has a low amount of calories but is now trying to "step back" from the sparkling wine so she can feel "healthier and happier."

She said: "Champagne is my favourite. I Googled 'what has the least calories' and it was champagne, so at first it was a dietary choice. So yeah, it's just logic. It's my go-to drink but I am trying to step back and detox. You do feel healthier and happier and clearer but it's so lovely and bubbly!"

Meanwhile, the 'Next To Me' songstress - who has so far written and released four studio albums - admitted she would now "cringe" at her early songwriting efforts because of how "serious" she tried to be as a child.

Speaking on the 'Dish' podcast, she told hosts Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett: "[My first songs] are a little it cringe because I was so...when I read them I can just tell I was really serious. I was eight and I was trying to be considered this really serious artist. Like, 'Guys, I'm not gonna write about love, I'm gonna write all these political things!' But there was one song called 'Yesterday's Tomorrow' and it was all about the stage and setting scene and if we don't learn from the past, we set the same scene and all of this. It was a little bit deep!

"Then my friends and I wrote one for the school talent show. It was about an alien coming to earth. It was like ' Coming from planet space, oh baby, coming from miles away. What is your name? Oh love my baby...' Like all of this. It's fun though - starting something from nothing and that's why I fell in love with it as a kid. It felt so powerful. You have this little magical power and people will listen if you sing."