Ellie Thumann Does Casual Après-Ski Attire Right, Without the Skiing

Ellie Thumann.<p>Ethan Miller/Getty Images</p>
Ellie Thumann.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Aprés-ski style has become, in some ways, a sport in itself. Forget the actual physical activity: sipping hot chocolate and sitting by a roaring indoor fire sounds much better to us. But you can’t fully embrace the lifestyle without first embodying the sense of style that it demands.

Perfecting aprés-ski fashion is a big ask, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, if you’re anything like social media influencer Ellie Thumann, it doesn’t have to require an overhaul of your wardrobe at all.

The literal meaning of the phrase is “after ski,” or the clothing and activities that fill your evening after a day on the slopes. Whether you want to partake in the actual slopes part is up to you, but you can certainly partake in the style, either way.

Like Thumann proved in a recent Instagram post, rather than stressing about securing the most luxurious new gear for your next ski vacation, instead reimagine the cozy clothing you already have available to you. She sported a relaxed white waffled turtleneck and matching pants, which peeked above the hem of her dark wash baggy denim. With a pair of tan UGGs and a gray scarf, her outfit was complete.

She didn’t need an expensive wool sweater or fur jacket. Thumann just had to combine her more comfortable pieces with her more luxurious ones in the right way—and she certainly did.

Before setting out on your next ski adventure, take a page out of the model’s book (and, if you need more inspiration, look no further than some of her latest winter looks) in order to curate outfits that are the perfect balance of cozy and chic. After all, what else is the aprés-ski period all about?

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