Ella Eyre says she has put up with a 'lot of bulls***' in past relationships

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Singer Ella Eyre has said she tolerated far more than she should have in past relationships.

Speaking on The Independent‘s dating and relationships podcast, Millennial Love, the 25-year-old explained: “The threshold of bulls**t has always been way more than I would put up with now.

“One of my exes was texting people constantly in a way that wasn’t fair or appropriate and I kept forgiving that because of what they would say to change my mind.”

Eyre added that the ex-partner, who she did not name, would frequently apologise for his behaviour.

“They’d be upfront and be like, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I shouldn’t be doing this and I’m sorry’.”

Eyre then went on to say that because she was “so willing to forgive” him, she would tolerate the inappropriate texts.

She added that it has taken “a few relationships of that level of crap” to realise something was wrong.

“I was so young,” she continued. “I’ve wasted months, possibly years allowing that to be normal and allowed within a relationship. Really, I should have just binned it off.

“And I think that’s why a lot of my songs are quite angry and savage because they come from a place of like I finally binned it off. I finally said I’m not doing this anymore.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Eyre opened up about missing out on the dating app scene.

“Being on a dating app is probably never going to happen for me,” she said, ”and meeting someone random is probably never going to happen to me because I’m so in love.”

You can listen to the full episode of Millennial Love here.

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