Elizabeth Olsen had 'no filter' during Doctor Strange 2 press tour

Elizabeth Olsen had "no filter" during the press tour for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness because she felt unwell.

The WandaVision actress gave many funny or candid responses to questions during the publicity tour earlier this year and a few moments went viral on social media, particularly her appearance on Vanity Fair's lie detector test video series.

During an interview with Variety, Elizabeth explained that she had "no filter" with her responses because she was powering through a cold at the time.

"I also had a terrible cold while doing press, so I feel like I had no filter because I was so sick. I didn't have COVID, but I was sick for 14 days and it was amazing doing press sick. You just don't care!" she said.

The Marvel star admitted that sometimes she doesn't consider the fact her words will get picked up by the public and revealed she was once approached by a stranger about her confession that she was an "aspiring stoner".

"Someone made a joke to me that I just ran into and they said, 'Keep trying!' You don't realise the s**t you say gets picked up, and you have random strangers yelling at you stuff like that," she noted.

The 33-year-old explained that her aspiring stoner phase lasted two weeks because she'd rather have a drink to let loose.

The Variety reporter also pointed out that Elizabeth declared on the lie detector test that she hadn't met John Krasinski, who makes a cameo in Doctor Strange 2. When the movie came out, it was revealed that they shared scenes together.

"I wasn't lying!" she insisted. "We filmed it separately. I was with the stand in. I don't even know if they'd figured out he was doing it (at the time I filmed my part)."