Elizabeth Hurley 'prances around in bikinis' to promote her swimwear line

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Elizabeth Hurley "prances around in bikinis" simply to promote her swimwear line.

The 55-year-old actress caused a stir over the Covid-19 lockdown by thinking up unusual locations to showcase her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection.

The Bedazzled star posted snaps of her wearing pieces from her swimwear brand around her country mansion in the U.K., and also posed topless in a fur jacket in her snow covered garden.

She recently explained why she'd resorted to doing her own bikini photoshoots, and said she'd been having fun thinking up genius ways to get people talking about her brand.

“I have my own swimwear line. I wouldn’t ordinarily be prancing around in quite so much beachwear, so there is a reason behind prancing around in so many swimsuits," she told Extra.

“We haven’t been allowed to go on vacation in 14 months... I have a beachwear company and haven’t been on the beach... Hence, we have been selling what we can. We’ve been improvising," Elizabeth explained.

“So, yes, we’ve been on hay bales, we’ve been in the snow, we’ve been in the shower.”

And the British actress has no time for any online trolls who take issue with her raunchy snaps.

“I think people are mean to women and I don’t think it’s how people should be, so I can’t say I am a fan of those comments, really,” she fired.