Eight-year-old helps deliver baby sister after mother suffers three miscarriages

Sabrina Barr
Stock image: Getty Images

A mother has shared the beautiful moment her eight-year-old daughter played a part in the birth of her baby girl having suffered three miscarriages beforehand.

Kelsey Davis is a 29-year-old mother of three from Gilbert, Arizona.

When Kelsey’s eldest daughter, Brooke, was three years old, she and her partner Stefan revealed to her that they were expecting another baby.

Sadly, Kelsey lost the baby, leaving Brooke devastated.

Over the next four years, Kelsey experienced two more miscarriages. She and Stefan decided not to tell Brooke in order to prevent further heartbreak.

However, on January 3 2016 Kelsey gave birth to her second daughter, Ellie.

Brooke immediately bonded with her new baby sister, having stayed in the hospital room when she was delivered.

When Kelsey found out that she was due to give birth to a third daughter on Christmas Day last year, Brooke was ready to take on an important role in the delivery room.

After Kelsey’s due date passed them by, she underwent induced labour using a foley bulb on January 7.

Over the course of 36 hours of labour, Brooke ensured that her mother was as comfortable as possible, massaging her feet and rubbing her head soothingly.

Finally, the crucial moment arrived.

Brooke stood at the foot of the bed with her father as Kelsey pushed, even touching the baby’s head as she was crowning.

Together with her father, Brooke placed her hands underneath her baby sister as they prepared for her whole body to come out.

Brooke was overwhelmed with emotion by the whole experience, describing her new baby sister Summer as “perfect”, Kelsey wrote in Love What Matters.

The young girl, who has aspirations to become a midwife when she grows up, was given the incredible honour of cutting the umbilical cord.

“It was really cool being there,” Brooke told her mother.

“I think it made all three of us [her and her two sisters] have a very close bond."